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MUSIC 4U2U was created by Gem Lake as an alternative to all the music online platforms with the most advanced optimization of Music anywhere on the internet. Accessing Millions of incredible songs and remixes with the ability to legally download certain songs.

                                                              MUSIC 4U2U Is The Most Advanced Music Search Engine In The World

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Our partnership with iTunes & Amazon allow our platform to sale any music from any artist, want to get the latest album or single, just click iTunes or Amazon direct from MUSIC 4U2U.

MUSIC 4U2U is a $140 Million Dollar Platform combining over 20 years of working with Major Music Labels, Top Radio Stations, Hollywood Studios & Industry Legends have given birth to MUSIC 4U2U.

We have combined the best elements of Music Listening to deliver a platform that is unmatched, exciting, simple to use, no signing up, no monthly fees, nothing but MUSIC 4U2U.

Enjoy the platform that has created the most enjoyable, hassle free way to embrace the culture of Music.


Founded In New York City